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Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup Download | Zdnet

They all studying on the university and follow their colleges. Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup 2D features: A realistic fashion dressup game A nice college student theme Shop till you http://www.chicemma.com drop! Hundred pieces of clothes and accessories Dressup game with a storyline, tasks and achievements Free to play, everything is free 18 different storys in spring, summer, winter, autumn Are you a real fashionista and do you love to shop? Then you need to download this realistic dressup game! Tiffany is a real fashionista and loves fashion help her with her clothes when she goes to college or study in the library or to a party! Shop her clothes in the store and follow the fashion trends, be a real fashion designer!Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup 2D is a game from Top Girl games, we publish many different easy to play girl game apps. We hope you will enjoy our Tiffany 201 - Fashion Dressup 2D and we hope you give us the love by liking our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.
Source: http://downloads.zdnet.com/product/20416-76239707/

One Man's Trash, Another Man's Fashion Brand : NPR

While most recycled fabrics commercialized today contain 15 or 20 percent recycled materials, Goyeneche's clothes use 80 to 100 percent. Of all the materials he uses, the most interesting have got to be old fishing nets. For Goyeneche, they're a fashion treasure because they're often more than a mile long, and made of high-quality nylon that fishermen need to change out every two to three years. Now instead of being dumped into the ocean, the nets are collected by ECOALF; for every half pound of fishing nets collected, the brand produces roughly a yard of fabric. So far, the company has recycled a remarkable 24 tons of fishing nets, along with 24 million plastic bottles. "ECOALF is one of the very few [sustainable fashion] brands which are, style-wise, very mass-market compatible. This is a very big advantage," says German fashion designer Magdalena Schaffrin.
Source: http://www.npr.org/2014/12/27/373263412/one-mans-trash-another-mans-fashion-brand?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=artslife

Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2014 - Yahoo News

are smartly written, and youll quickly realize that not everything in abandoned-robot-decomissioning land is functioning as intended. In fact, your A.I. is rather shocked and dismayed to discover other points of view standing in her way. Its these battles of logic ARID. finds herself engaged in that really make this one memorable and the best story this year.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/giant-bombs-2014-game-awards-180000799.html

Giant Bomb's 2014 Game of the Year Awards: Day Two Text Recap - Yahoo News

Emmy-winning co-host and executive producer of a groundbreaking television news program and a prolific filmmaker whose subjects ranged from Muhammad Ali to the Harlem Renaissance to the black middle class. Aug. 25. John A. Walker Jr., 77.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/final-goodbye-roll-call-died-2014-202556857.html

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