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The Best Hairstyles To Work Out At The Gym

So, once you have an arsenal of Kirby grips, non-slip hair bands and elastic headbands, get yourself to grips with some of these hairstyles. Once you've mastered a French plait, the gym hair world is your oyster. Nothing is as secure as old Frenchie. So, start sweating garlic and get your braid on.
Source: http://www.handbag.com/beauty/feature/a544237/the-best-hairstyles-to-work-out-at-the-gym.html

Kate Moss at 40: Iconic hairstyles from three decades in fashion

The wispy fringe frames her face and those oh-so-famous cheekbones that were responsible for propelling her even further into the international arena. If you look closely, she also has a very subtle dip-dye through the ends of her hair though this is probably natural rather than intentional and proof that Kate really is light years ahead of the rest of us. Ask your stylist for a natural lightened effect through the ends of your hair and keep it in good condition with an intensive hair mask every week. Moss got it all chopped off in the 90s and the pixie crop became a huge trend [GETTY ] Pixie Crop, British Fashion Awards 2001 Toward the end of the 90s Kate made one of her best hair decisions to go blonde, and shes kept the golden hue ever since. At the turn of the decade Kate chopped her long locks into a long-layered pixie crop. Although she still pulls it off, this shape isnt the best to complement her oval face. A better crop for Kate would have been to leave the fringe a little longer and swept to the side or to leave the hair in front of the ears a little longer like an elfin cut.
Source: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/style/454269/Kate-Moss-at-40-Iconic-hairstyles-through-three-decades-in-fashion

8 Incredible Straight, Shiny Celeb Hair Looks and How to Copy Them

Jan 16, 2014 @ 7:05 am Steve Granitz/WireImage (3), Jason Merritt/Getty Images From the ornate updos we spotted on Sara Hyland and Amber Heard to the flowy down dos worn by Sofia Vergara and Kaley Cuoco , the hairstyles that lined the Golden Globes red carpet will have us inspired for months to come. While each stars glam squad was fully equipped to handle and execute the many looks, you can take the express route when it comes to sampling them on yourself. We added our favorite Golden Globes hairstyles to our Hollywood Makeover Tool , so you can give your strands the red carpet treatment. Simply upload your picture to start, and instantly, youll be able to see how Sofia Vergaras trademark loose curls flatter you, or if you can pull off a voluminous updo like Amber Heard. Once youve tried out all of the options, post your favorite look to Facebook and Twitter to see what your friends think. You can also post your makeover to Instagram as a MakeoverGram to see how many of your followers will double-tap the style.
Source: http://news.instyle.com/2014/01/16/golden-globes-hair-try-on-2014/

See Yourself In the Best Golden Globes Hairstyles ? No Glam Squad Required!

Long, Straight, and Side-Swept: Hair of any length looks equally flattering with this style, but Pucciarello says, If youre going to do a look this straight, especially if your hair is blonde, make sure the ends are trimmed and the color is consistent." Straight hair can actually highlight all of the imperfections in your haircut and color, so this style looks best during those first few mini dress weeks after a trim and right after you've gotten your hair colored. For this look, loosely part your damp hair on the right side. Take small sections with a paddle brush and pull them away from your head while blow drying. For the bang section, use the brush to pull the hair up and slightly to the right with the blow dryer nozzle facing down toward the ends. Once it's dry, push the pieces by your face to the left so that it falls over your eye just a bit. Bring all your hair over your left shoulder and tuck the right side behind your ear.
Source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/_mobile/hairstyles-beauty/beauty-blog/sleek-and-straight-golden-globes-hairstyles

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