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Your Running Shoes Don?t Matter

Still, there is lots of suggestive evidence that minimalist shoes might influence footstrike, and further evidence that certain kinds of footstrikes (landing on the forefoot, in particular) lead to softer landing patterns, and, perhaps, fewer injuries. But there are big caveats, and the evidence linking loading rates to injuries is mixed . Testimonials from people running in, and loving, max-cushioned shoes such as the Hoka are hard to ignore, but so far theyre just testimonials. A five-month-long randomized, controlled study of 247 runners published this fall in the British Journal of Sports Medicine uncovered no difference in injury rates between runners who wore soft-soled shoes and those who wore firm-soled shoes. (The researchers did, however, find that body weight and training intensity affected injury rates.) Nor have researchers ever found a strong link between pronation and injury, so it's no surprise that stability shoes don't seem to help people who have been diagnosed as "over pronators." One 2009 paper concluded, famously, that prescribing cushioned, motion-controlled shoes to distance runners was not evidence-based . Likewise for Vibrams and other minimalist shoes. Theres no reason to doubt testimonials of dedicated wearers (Im one), but its important to remember what we know about cushioning: adding or subtracting it just doesnt significantly affect impact forces or running economy .
Source: http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/bodywork/in-stride/Your-Running-Shoes-Dont-Matter.html

Envi Shoes Launches A Red Shoe Sale That Includes Jeffrey Campbell Styles

I mean, one pair -- the Craig booties -- even has a little metal medallion with a guitar on the outside. That's enough rationale for the $80 price tag, right? Lambert tweeted about the line on Wednesday (Dec. 18). "I'm so excited I can finally share with y'all -- I designed my own shoe line!" she wrote. "And you can get them now:)" Her website says , "The shoes are just like Miranda -- feisty, sexy, confident -- and reflects what makes us love Miranda, bold beyond all expectations with just the right combination of edgy and feminine." Exactly. Edgy -- with details like studs, buckles, zippers, suede fringe and metallic piping.
Source: http://www.cmt.com/news/cmt-offstage/1719489/miranda-lamberts-shoes-already-under-my-tree.jhtml

Miranda Lambert's Shoes: Already Under My Tree

Also, isn't the safest route to stay under the dryer at the nail place until the polish is dry enough to put on your shoes without ruining the paint job? Underwear For That Time Of The Month Remii Underwear's motto is "protection meets quality." Their undergarments feature "... patented technology that allows it to be breathable yet waterproof. No more stains to clothing, sheets, or furniture. No more ruining your pretty panties." Furniture? Electric Razor And Vibrator Combo For those who want to pleasure themselves in the visit site most dangerous way possible. (source) Pikaru Baby Carrier Vest Perfect for moms who want to look like that guy from "Total Recall." (source) "Booty Pop" Butt Inserts Everyone will notice your enhanced behind, but probably not in the way you'd like.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/17/purse-holds-shoes_n_4459169.html

A Purse That Holds Your Shoes? We Don't Know How We Lived Without This

NM: Yes. There always will be higher-end [items in my collection], but shoes, [in general], have gotten out of control. I always used to buy the most expensive shoes, but now if its more than $1,000, I think twice, especially if Im only going to wear them a few times. What influences have helped you develop your overall aesthetic? NM: I always had the fashion influence from my mother. She was quite the stylish person in Paris, I must say.
Source: http://newsok.com/nicole-miller-on-shoes-fashion-influences-celeb-clients/article/3915066

Nicole Miller on shoes, fashion influences, celeb clients

Ending on December 23rd, with 3 days left in the contest, fans will still have time to enter to win the last three days worth of prizes featured in the contest. About Envi Shoes Envi Shoes is an online retailer of fashion-forward designer shoes and accessories, for both men and women, from Jeffrey Campbell, UNIF, Y.R.U., T.U.K., Frye, Deandri, Wolverine, Senso, Rebecca Minkoff and more. Based in Baltimore, Maryland the company operates solely online with a global reach serving shoe lovers not only in the United States but also in the UK, Russia, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong to name a few. Who is the Envi Shoes customer? Envi Shoes likes to think of them as a lover of art, fashion and music.
Source: http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-envi-shoes-launches-red-shoe-sale-that-includes-/2013/12/20/7603266.htm

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